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The Collection!

This past Friday I went to see the collection for the first time. It was about a two hour drive in the pouring rain with traffic the whole way, so I learned a lot about my client and the history of the collection. It also gave us a chance to talk over the details of my work contract. I suggested that we set an initial time frame of three months – not based on how many books I’ll have done or anything like that, but instead on the idea that three months is a good point at which to evaluate the work that’s been done so far, and consider how the client wants to move forward. At the current time I’m thinking it’s most likely I’ll be helping to find someone willing to continue the work on a volunteer or stipend basis, in order to retain my client’s ROI. A nice bonus from this would be that I’ll be able to teach the new recruit everything I learned, and instruction is one of my absolute favourite things to do. There are lots of other options, however, so I’ll get in to that more when the time comes. For now, here are some pictures of the wonderful collection! Of course I’ll be posting more as the project is underway. Enjoy!


Here’s the view entering the room, you can see some of the Golden Cockerel Press books, and some reference materials


The desk I’ll be working at! And some of the American firsts and Wilde’s


Some of the American firsts, and on that far wall is the Golden Cockerel Press collection


Some of the Wilde’s, in custom glass cabinetry


Some of the American firsts


The couch is cute, those are the Wilde’s through that white doorframe.


Some of the Wilde’s


The collector kept any citations he could find for similar volumes, or the volume itself, which will come in handy for me! Although I’m removing them and filing them, as they’re not printed on acid-free paper 🙁


Alas, poor Yorick; there’s slight rubbing on the spine


Front cover of Hamlet, Eric Gill, illus.


Title page, Eric Gill again


One of my all-time favourites, printed by the Golden Cockerel Press


A very small portion of the Golden Cockerel Press books


Some Hunter S. Thompson firsts some with custom boxes

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