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Hello, my name is Emily, and I’m a web developer.

I finally feel confident enough, after years of trying to teach myself code and getting sidetracked with, well, life, to say that.

It’s Monday on week two of my HackerYou bootcamp. I can’t believe it. I just put my first site online (the new emilyporta.com) and I love it. I haven’t posted since I finished my third site, so I’ll use this post to bring you up to speed on what I’ve been doing since then.

Pre-Course Wrap Up

So first, my third precourse site! I made a landing page for my partner, wolever, who’s a sr. dev and CTO at Akindi right now. I designed a clean, one page site, fulfilling his requirements: have links to all major accounts online, have his resume, make it look nice, and have his nerdy GPG key somewhere.


Since he’s on virtually every social network everywhere, I had to spend some time thinking through the layout of the content and how I’d include all of the links in a sensible way. I decided it would be best to start the page off with an about section that lists what he’s most involved with right now, with one of those being his stackoverflow account to showcase his knowledge in the field. Since his work is the most important content he has (as any role he’s going to fill will be quite technical), I made sure to repeat his SO account in the resume section, along with his Github and other most relevant tech-focused accounts. He doesn’t have a “real” resume, per se, but his LinkedIn, SO Careers site, and a pdf version of his resume from LinkedIn are included.

Otherwise the site is just a clean, basic layout, with a background pattern from subtlepatterns.com, and the header image is just from a google search. I don’t have the rights to use it so I’d have to change it if I were to put it online. I’m also using Google fonts (Oswald and Cabin).

CSS Transitions!

One major new thing I learned with this site was CSS transitions. I tasked myself with learning how to do a scrolling header and make links transition from one colour to another. The link and div colour transitions were easy enough, but the header was something else. I actually ended up using keyframes for it, relevant code here:


And here’s a video showing the scrolling header:

So that’s my third site! Since this blog post was sufficiently long, I’ll save the recap of my work on my first site while at HackerYou for another time.

EDIT: I’m happy to say this site can now be found on the internet at wolever.net.

I’m interested in hearing about front-end internships and jr. dev positions in companies that share my values, and I’ll be available for work in late June! Let me know if you have something in mind for me at eeporta@gmail.com.

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