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About Me

Hi, I'm Emily. I'm a front-end web developer based in Toronto who loves creating great looking web products with rock-solid code. I currently work for Shift Health as their jr. front-end developer.

My Portfolio

Hover over any video below to see the site in action.

You can also see my code and fork my projects on Github.

Cover Me is a web application that elegantly uses the Youtube API (v3) to find the best cover for any song title you type in. The page dynamically changes on submit, is fully responsive, and is cross-browser tested.

This site is live at: emilyporta.com/coverme

HTML - CSS - SASS - Javascript - jQuery - Youtube API - AJAX - Design - Responsive Design

A jQuery gallery designed and developed by myself and Jen Abella-Froese, incorporating a jQuery lightbox and dynamically updating content and imagery. Hover over the video tumbnail to see it in action!

This site is live at: emilyporta.com/gallery

HTML - CSS - Javascript - jQuery - Design - Paired Programming

For my first Hackeryou project, I created a personal one-page site, with a clean, minimalistic design reflective of my preferred aesthetic. It includes a Javascript smoothscroll.

This site is live at: emilyporta.com/onepage

HTML - CSS - Design

I took the complex site at hackeryou.com and remade the homepage from scratch. The site is fully responsive, also using an original mobile design.

This site is live at: emilyporta.com/hackeryou

Responsive design - HTML - CSS - SASS - Design from client mockups

This is a style guide created based on a client brief for the Deep Lagoon Hostel, showcasing part of my design and development process.

This site is live at: emilyporta.com/styleguide

HTML - CSS - SASS - Wireframing - Design

A simple and clean one-page site created for developer David Wolever, utilizing CSS keyframe animation.

This site is live at: wolever.net

HTML - CSS - Design

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